11 Best Substitute for Grand Marnier

Did you realize there is a substitute for Grand Marnier and that substitute can be made in your very own kitchen? Now, I’m sure you’re asking yourself how this is even possible. The answer is both complicated and simple at the same time and it really involves no magic or sorcery. I’ll discuss all of that and more! That’s what this article is about…my friend.

What Is Grand Marnier?

Grand Marnier is a French brand of orange liqueur, made from a variety of distilled alcohol, sugar, and water from bitter and sweet oranges. It was created by Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle in 1880. It is currently owned by the Moet Hennessy group.

Grand Marnier is available in three forms:

1. Grand Marnier Cuvée du Centenaire (100 years old), which is 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof). This has been the standard offering since the 1980s.

2. Grand Marnier Cuvée Spéciale Cent Cinquantenaire (150 years old), which is 45% alcohol by volume (90 proof). This was introduced in celebration of the company’s 150th anniversary in 1985 as an occasional limited edition product; it became widely available again in 1996 and has been a staple ever since.

3. Grand Marnier Quintessence de Parfum, released in 2013 to celebrate the brand’s 175th anniversary, is 80 proof and contains no alcohol whatsoever. Instead, it consists solely of pure orange distillate (essentially concentrated orange oil) mixed with orange flowers such as neroli and petitgrain to bring out their sweet scent.

Recommended Grand Marnier Substitute

Grand Marnier is a liqueur made from cognac and orange peels. It’s sweet, spicy, and smooth — a delicious sipping drink.

If you ever run out of Grand Marnier, there are a few other liqueurs that will give you similar flavors. Here are some good substitutes for Grand Marnier:

1. Triple Sec

Triple sec is another French orange liqueur that resembles Grand Marnier in color and texture, although it has a slightly less intense flavor. Triple sec has an alcohol content of 35 percent by volume (70 proof), so it’s lighter than both Cointreau and Grand Marnier. Use triple sec instead of Grand Marnier in recipes where you want a subtle orange flavor without too much sweetness or alcohol kick.

2. Cointreau


Cointreau is a premium orange liqueur from France. It has an alcohol content of 40 percent by volume (80 proof), so it’s not quite as strong as Grand Marnier (which has an ABV of 40 percent). Cointreau adds subtle sweetness and orange flavor to cocktails and desserts, but it’s more affordable than Grand Marnier.

3. Curacao

In the U.S., curacao is called triple sec or bitter orange liqueur. It’s sweet and citrusy with hints of spice — just like Grand Marnier. You might also find it labeled as blue curacao or orange curacao; these names refer to the color of the spirit itself, not its flavor profile.

4. Orange Extract

Orange Extract

Like curacao, this ingredient is commonly used in baking as well as cocktails; it has a strong orange flavor with little bitterness or sweetness. You can use it as a substitute for Grand Marnier in any recipe that calls for an orange-flavored liqueur such as margaritas or mimosas but be sure to use only half the amount called for in the original recipe because it’s much stronger than Grand Marnier.

5. Orange Juice Concentrate

This can be purchased at your local grocery store or online at Amazon.com or Walmart.com. You can also use fresh juice if you have it on hand, but concentrate works just fine. You will need 1 cup of concentrate per 1/2 cup of brandy in your recipe.

6. Orange Flower Water

This is aromatic water made by steeping bitter oranges in spring water with dried flower blossoms. It has a floral aroma and flavor similar to that of Grand Marnier, so it works quite well as a substitute in most cases where Grand Marnier would be used as an ingredient in a cocktail recipe.

7. Orange Juice

Orange Juice

You can use orange juice as a substitute for Grand Marnier in many recipes. This works well if you want to pour some over ice cream or add it to an alcoholic cocktail. Orange juice can also be used in marinades, sauces, and glazes for meat or fish.

8. Raspberry Liqueur

This is one of the most commonly used substitutes for Grand Marnier in cocktails. You can also use other raspberry liqueurs or even regular raspberry vodkas.

9. Orange Liqueur

Orange liqueurs like Cointreau and triple sec can also be used as substitutes for Grand Marnier. However, it’s important to note that these liqueurs are not as sweet as Grand Marnier and so you may need to adjust the amount you use accordingly.

10. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another common substitute for Grand Marnier because it’s acidic in nature and adds a tart taste to dishes and cocktails alike. However, it won’t give you that same sweetness as the orange juice will so keep that in mind when making substitutions with lemon instead of orange juice!

11. Apricot Brandy

Replace half of the Grand Marnier with apricot brandy for an identical taste without having to buy both liquors. Apricot brandy can be found at most liquor stores, but if it’s not available, use another brandy as an alternative.

6 Amazing Grand Marnier Cocktail Recipes

Grand Marnier is a delicious orange liqueur that is perfect for making cocktails. It’s sweet and tart, with hints of spice and vanilla. The best part is that it’s easy to use in many different recipes.

If you’re looking for some new ideas, here are 6 amazing Grand Marnier cocktail recipes:

1. The Vesper Martini

The Vesper is a classic cocktail from the James Bond novels and movies that have recently been revived by bartender Dave Arnold of New York City’s Booker and Dax. The Vesper Martini is made with gin, vodka, dry vermouth, and orange liqueur (typically Cointreau or Triple Sec). In the novel Casino Royale, Bond orders his version of the Vesper with “three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet.

2. A Grand Marnier Sidecar Cocktail (With or Without Tequila)

The Sidecar cocktail is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It’s also one of the simplest, requiring only three ingredients: cognac, lemon juice, and Cointreau. The original recipe calls for gin and a splash of brandy, but we think tequila works just as well. The result is a drink that’s just as tasty as the original, but with a bit more kick.

3. Grand Marnier Ginger Snap Cocktail

The Grand Marnier Ginger Snap cocktail is a delightfully sweet and refreshing drink that’s perfect for the holiday season. This cocktail combines Grand Marnier, ginger ale, and vodka to create a delicious beverage that’s sure to please your guests!

4. Classic Sidecar Cocktail

This classic cocktail is made by mixing Grand Marnier with lemon juice and sugar — then garnishing with an orange slice and maraschino cherry. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and bitter that makes this drink so special.

5. French Connection Cocktail

If you love spice, then this recipe is for you! This drink combines Grand Marnier with cognac and bitters for a spicy blend that will make your taste buds jump for joy!

6. Mint Julep Cocktail

This bourbon-based cocktail is perfect on its own or served over crushed ice — making it the perfect summer drink! The addition of mint gives it an extra fresh taste while still allowing the rich flavor of bourbon to shine through.


1. What does Grand Marnier taste like?

The flavor of Grand Marnier is complex, with hints of orange peel and vanilla.

2. Where can I buy Grand Marnier?

You can purchase this liquor at most liquor stores or online retailers such as Amazon. You can also find it in some grocery stores or pharmacies. If you’re looking for a specific flavor, check out our list of available flavors below!

3. Where does Grand Marnier come from?

Grand Marnier was created in 1827 by Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle, who was inspired by a recipe for curaçao presented to him by Emperor Napoleon III. To this day, the company that produces Grand Marnier is still run by the family of its founder.

4. How many calories are there in Grand Marnier?

There are approximately 150 calories per shot of Grand Marnier (1 1/2 ounces), which makes it an ideal choice if you’re watching your weight or trying to lose weight. However, the neutral spirits used to make it (cognac) contain around 100 calories per shot as well, so keep that in mind if you’re counting calories!

5. How much alcohol does one serving have?

There are 24 grams of alcohol per serving, which is equivalent to two shots of whiskey or vodka depending on how strong they are made at home or in bars and restaurants. This means that if you drink 2 servings (1 oz = 30 ml), you won’t feel any different than if you had only drank 1 serving because there are no significant differences in the alcohol content of each serving.

In Conclusion

Not only do you want to read this substitute for Grand Marnier’s article, but you also want to drink a cool glass of it while reading. Who said we can’t combine pleasure with business?

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