Our official name is One Tea: Fresh and Genuine Drinks

One Tea's store in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Welcome to One Tea!

One Tea is a family-friendly cafe that merges the culinary art of tea from Taiwan and Hong Kong to bring you unique flavor.

We specialize in a variety of authentic drinks and desserts, including Pearl Milk Tea, Milk Tofu Pudding, and Mango Smoothies. With so many delights to choose from, there's something for everyone!

Also known as一茶鮮撈飲, or Yi Cha Xian Lao Yi, Xian Lao means “fresh, real stuff.” That's because we use only the freshest and most authentic ingredients to deliver the best quality and flavor to your taste buds!

One Tea is taking over! From our first store in Kaohsiung in 2005 we have expanded from Taiwan to Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, and now the United States to bring you made-to-order masterpieces. Enjoy!